I have bought a VR asset on otters.love but I don't see my license in my shadedoes3d.com account ?

You might have not properly registered, although it's not too late! 
Just go here and use the bottom right field to bind your shopify and shadedoes3d accounts. Please contact us if you're still having issues after that

How do I benefit from the Patreon Discounts ?

Once you are at the checkout, you need to enter the code of your current supporting tier :

"incredible" for T2
"endless" for T3
"legend" for T4

I am a Patreon, but the discount does not work and/or some items are still locked ?

Make sure you register an account from this page, if you already created an account please use the field on the bottom right on this same page to link your shopify account with shadedoes3d.

If it's the case and some items are still locked, the product might be too recent to be unlocked on your supporter tier.

Please use the contact form if you think there's still something wrong.

What does the packaging look like ?

If you ordered a few stickers / pins, you'll get a pink enveloppe. For bigger orders it's a very normal looking carton box with a custom tape. If you wish your packaging to be fully neutral (normal looking enveloppe / nothing special on the carton) please let us know in the cart instructions.

Can I return an item and be refunded ?

Yes. You have fourteen days from reception to return an item, please use the contact form in this case. 
Exception for the Adult toys. For hygiene reasons you cannot return them for refund and can only return them for a change if it's structurally damaged when you receive it, or not fitting the description.

Are digital products refundable / transferable ?

Yes they are, until the moment you download any of its components on shadedoes3d.com or the ASDK, then it's locked to your account and cannot be refunded anymore. Violating our Terms of Service in any way also keeps you from getting a refund.
Please use the contact form if needed.