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Awtter DLC - UwU 2.9.9

Awtter DLC - UwU 2.9.9

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The UwU is back!
Warning : It's a fix for 2.9!!!

Features :

• Penetration system : VRCFury. Free, compatible with pretty much all the others, and already setup in the project!
• Two "gender" setups available for now. A third is planned for 3.0
• Collar with leash
• 2D coomies layers for low body (bits / butt) and mouth
• 3D dynamic coomies with gravity and colliders
• Fancy coomies animation with particles
• Dynamic hole opening when inserting any VRCFury plug
• 3 states for the pp : sheath only, tip out, full out
• Colliders to touch the pp
• 4 lewd animations for halfbody and destkop users !
• 3 toggleable facial expressions to play (blocks the visemes)
• Included .PSD and .SPP (the files are very old, please be nice ^^')
• It can pee ? *shrugs*

A valid Awtter base model license is mandatory in order to access this content !

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works well, but not 100% anatomically correct.

It was fun to try out, but the female model was not exactly accurate enough to my expectations.

its very interesting

quite lovely playing as this awtter oh god i find it so funny

Cody Bistline
Very satisfied!

I’m very satisfied with my purchase, it was slightly confusing at first but very quickly figured out how to use it and it’s been perfect since.

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