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Shade the Bat



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What if you had an Otter pet, and what if you could carry it anywhere with you ?

Included :

• Highly customizable .psd file (Photoshop, Krita, etc)
• Highly customizable Substance Painter file (v 7.4 or above)
• Merger compatible all ready prefabs for PC and Quest (separated)

Features (PC) :

• 6 custom expressions and behaviors for the otter pet
• A bunch of cute Physics (Physbones)
• Emissive slightly animated caustics
• Realtime light toggle for when it's dark (unoptimized, please use only in underpopulated instances)
• The otter pet can be holded in hand, or dropped in the world
• When the pet is outside the aquarium, some behaviors are triggered by interactions instead

Limited features for Quest :

• Otter pet only in bag (parent constraints not whitelisted by VRChat)
• No glass / caustics (VRChat Quest's shaders limitations)
• No realtime light (forbidden on Quest)


Disclaimer : You absolutely can get it on a different model than the Awtter (or deer) but you will have to install it manually from the base fbx (you will find it under the "process" folder of the asset in Unity). Please be aware that the "otter out of bag" and "world drop" functions are gonna require high knowledge in Parent Constraints to be manually installed without the Awtter Merger.

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