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Sebastien - Standard

Sebastien - Standard

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Sebastien is an otter based adult toy made with medical grade silicone, designed and manufactured in Paris by myself for a gentle and enjoyable experience. 
Its smooth shapes make it easy to use for beginners, while offering a pleasant fullness sensation for experts. 
Its heavy, stable base comes with an integrated suction cup for better stability.

Firmness choice :
Soft : For sensible person, will follow your inside to reduce the pressure. Harder to introduce and does not permit fast riding (will bend)
Medium : Balanced, nice pressure, easier to insert and keep while moving
Firm : Only for experienced user, high pressure, made for hard riding

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kyle Courneya
Worth the money

I was really looking forward to receiving this and I was not disappointed when I got it.

Martin Salas

Hello all!
While I haven't had the pleasure of trying out Sebastian just yet, I must say the material and firmness feel just right. I was very surprised by how big it is, though that may have been a fault of my own. I was in such a hurry to buy it, I didn't double check the size options. All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing how deep I can get Sebastian!! Thank you again!!!

Palms Awtter

A phenomenal toy, feels incredible and fills up nicely

Reviewer avatar
Very satisfied with Sebastian

Ok, after the first test drive last night I have to say that I really love Sebastian (I got the small in medium firmness). Crafted very well, the softness is hard to describe, a nice squishy feeling, good flex but also strong enough to allow an easy entry and also good riding experiance. The suction cup holds up very nice, didn't slip and after cleaning still holds strong on the wall for drying after the whole night. Sebastian is really well made to ride to give it a more realistic feeling. Compared to the bunch of my hoard, which is knotty, Sebastian is getting closer to what a cozy evening with my bf feels like and you can ride him very well Not regretting the purchase, firmess for me is absolutely right, shape is great for really nice riding together with the strong suction cup. Would buy again 💙(well, bigger one for addition, but you get the point)

Luis Perez
Very satisfied 😁

Was waiting for awhile to get my hands in one of these and I finally got it i am super satisfied and can't wait for it to arrive 😃

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